5 Steps To Master The Storytelling

The storytelling of your brand is the art of telling stories but it goes much further than that . From a brand perspective, lately it has become the perfect shortcut to connect with an increasingly message-saturated audience. In fact, there is no exact figure, but it is estimated that a person can receive an average of 5,000 messages a day between images and advertising impacts. (Considering offline and online media). Capturing the attention of your customers is the first goal that every marketing strategy has.

Then, the challenge is to transmit the message clearly and quickly enough so that it lasts over time. In the best of cases, if you have managed to hook your customers, they will be in charge of re-transmitting the message from their own platforms. This is what we call a loyal customer Azerbaijan Phone Number List promoter of your brand. Index of contents A brief example of Storytelling in your brand 5 Steps to master the Storytelling of your brand 1. The story must motivate 2. Emotion: The story must generate emotions 3.

A Brief Example Of Storytelling In Your Brand

Curiosity: Engage and arouse curiosity from the start 4. Knots and/or dualities 5. Easy to remember and simple to count Conclution A brief example of Storytelling in your brand sotrytelling-of-your-brandLet’s go to the beginning. If I ask you, for example, to recommend your favorite restaurant… What is the first thing that comes to mind? A) The statistics of meat consumption at the state level and its influence on the reactivation of the economy or B)

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The great experience you had surrounded by your loved ones, the positive emotions you experienced thanks to the excellent service and the desire to share details What do you know that make the difference between one place and another? Without a doubt, we remember more a story than a statistic. Telling a story is much more powerful because for centuries, the mind of human beings got used to transmitting information, learning, mistakes, etc. through empathy : By getting emotionally involved with them, stories cause our brain to release hormones such as oxytocin or dopamine.

5 Steps To Master The Storytelling Of Your Brand

The first is related to falling in love, happiness and pleasure; the second, in addition, with memory and learning. In other words, stories not only move us, encourage us to act and make us more empathic; they also help us assimilate knowledge and remember it. In marketing, it is a highly technique because it goes beyond communicating something. The stories surprise, move, inspire, help to understand reality, connect people, challenge and encourage those who receive them to take action.

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