5 Successful Cases Of Digital Transformation

Agribusiness is one of the pillars of the Latin American economy. Precisely for this reason it is essential that the digital agribusiness be the order of the day and take advantage of the opportunities of digital transformation to expand your business. It is a bit difficult for agribusiness to keep up with the pace of digital transformation, but some companies have been able to see the vein of digital agribusiness and have taken advantage of the potential of different digital projects in their business. Let ‘s see 5 successful cases of digital transformation in agribusiness. Digital agribusiness: where to start?

To carry out a digital project in the agribusiness sector, it is important to know where to start. Digital marketing is a powerful resource, if you know how to use it well. For this, it is necessary to develop a digital marketing strategy in agribusiness: Understand your audience: Before Mexico Phone Number List get started, make sure you know what audience you are targeting to attract the right people with your communication strategies. The best thing in this case is to define your buyer persona. Create a profile on social networks and keep it active

Digital Agribusiness Where To Start?

The increase in the use of the Internet in rural areas has also led to an increase in profiles on social networks. Agribusiness must be aware of these networks to be able to communicate directly and closely with users, and in real time! And if you keep these networks active, you will be able to reach more followers. We recommend you take a look at YouAgro and AgTech . Invest in R&D: digitization and technology are the future. Users expect to receive updates and news from leading companies, so you cannot expect to go digital to offer your users a service anchored in time.

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5 successful cases of digital transformation in agribusiness Magapor Magapor is a company specialized. In the development of technology for animal reproduction, especially in the pig sector. In this company they promote their own patents in three lines of development. Biotechnology, mechanical industrial engineering and the plastics industry. The company researches and manufactures additives and diluents to increase the shelf life of refrigerated sperm. They also develop equipment for the treatment of animal sperm and produce. The necessary elements to speed up and facilitate the artificial insemination process.

Digital Transformation In Agribusiness

By investing in R&D, Megapor has managed to create and patent its own technologies and manufacture 90% of what it bills, creating value-added products that have placed the company at the forefront of digital agribusiness. Agropixel Agropíxel is to capturing and interpreting aerial images of crop fields to optimize production. A task of this caliber screams ‘digitalization’ from every pore, and that is. What Agropíxel has done: bet on digital transformation. The company uses satellites, light aircraft and drones to capture these images.


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