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Meta description SEO 5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Meta Description in Your Content George Franco May 11, 2020 Content Marketing , Inbound Marketing Comments offin 5 Tips to Write the Perfect Meta Description in your Content 1,249 Views For a brand to position itself and get traffic to the site through its content, SEO – specifically its meta description – is essential. Users have a myriad of options that they can answer the queries they make on search engines. The meta description can be the perfect support for them to opt for one result or another.

So that we have more chances of obtaining traffic to the site with our content, we review some of the keys so that the meta description of the content helps complement the title of our content Nepal Phone Number is attractive to users. Index of contents Importance of the meta description The perfect meta description 1- Answer questions 2- Mention the solution to the challenge 3- Keep the description concise 4- Keywords 5- Be attractive and unique Importance of the meta description meta description Shopify

Importance Of The Meta Description

Approximately 43% of people click on Internet content considering only the meta description ( Optin Monster ) . The meta descriptions can mark an important impulse for the traffic towards the contents in the web. The user is impatient to solve his problems, when he performs a search on the Internet, when seeing the results, if a title pleases him; someone is finally giving you concrete information about your question. After the URL is the “meta description” .


Pleasantly brings your gaze to the text to read it and decide whether to click or not. Once we have your attention, the user will read the texts (156 characters) designed and chosen to make a difference. To improve the SEO of a web page, having an attractive text in the meta description should be. The main objective to attract visits to the website. The description gives the user the opportunity to know what he can find on the web, inviting him to visit the page. The perfect meta description

The Perfect Meta Description

The meta description refers to a tag that gives the possibility to find a web page. It belongs to the family of meta-data or “meta tags” . In other words, the “meta description” is a self-definition; it is what the web page describes itself. How can we make it perfect? There are some points to consider: 1- Answer questions question Medium Consider that most people who make a query on search engines (Google) are looking for answers to questions they have.

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