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Having a blog for your company’s website is one of the most important strategies you can have in Digital Marketing. We live a year of changes and adjustments; brands adapt to their markets and changes in customers. Despite the adverse effects on the economy and health, the World Economic Forum assured in recent days that the pandemic contributed to technological progress in record time. The world advanced technologically 10 years in 3 months, which will leave out companies, sectors and will have effects of all kinds on society and the economy.

World Economic Forum (WEF) Brands deserve to be found by their real customers and grow in presence with potential customers. The digital field is advancing by leaps and bounds and the Blog is a tool that will never go out of style. It helps position the company in SEO and also Lithuania Phone Number timely and updated information to users. What we all want with each strategy is that the client finds us in the right place and time: that’s what a Blog works for. Exito-Shop-Online Index of contents How did the concept of the Blog on the Internet arise? What is a Business Blog? Why have a Blog in my Company?

How Did The Concept Of The Blog On The Internet Arise?

Benefits of a Blog for your Company Website Conclution: How did the concept of the Blog on the Internet arise? In 1997, Jorn Barger used the term web log or weblog (plural weblogs) for the first time to describe the act of “annotating/registering the web” (logging the web). And in 1999 Peter Merholz separates the word in “we blog” , which means that from then on it ends up being abbreviated in blog, as we know it now. The word blog comes from the abbreviation of weblog, which in Spanish translates as “web registration” .

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That is why the basic meaning of the blog is that of a logbook or digital diary where content is” chronologically . In this sense, some words that help us to better locate the activity of the Blog on our website: blog-2019 Blogging: which in Spanish would be “bloguear”, is in different ways to refer, for example, to the act of editing/writing/managing a blog. Therefore, Blogger: which in Spanish “bloguero” or “bloguera”, refers to the person who writes, has or is  to the world of blogs. Blogosphere. Therefore, Which generally refers to the set of all blogs or bloggers.

What Is A Business Blog?

VBlog: abbreviation for videoblog, which is a video channel in. The form of a blog and where the videos would be the articles. What is a Business Blog? A business or business blog is a marketing technique that seeks. Through the creation of relevant content, to generate greater online visibility for your brand. That is to say, that when people investigate on the Internet about something related. To your product or service, your brand appears in search engines, social networks, etc.

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