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You can see that they are real people Kuwait Phone Number and the images show what the product looks like in a real situation, rather than a polished picture made by Kuwait Phone Number professionals in a studio. Worst Practice Screenshot showing shared product pictures What the worst Kuwait Phone Number practice does wrong: Adds a generic social feed without context. Adds the social feed to the homepage instead of the product page. Doesn’t give the feed its own space—the social feed is too close to other elements on the page and makes the section very crowded. Best Practice Screenshot showing adidas What the best practice does right.

Adds the social feed Kuwait Phone Number

Shows a few images with different layouts, but Kuwait Phone Number not too many. Leaves enough white space around the feed to allow users to comprehend it. Feed is integrated on the product page and shows only relevant images. TRUST SYMBOLS Trust symbols or badges can Kuwait Phone Number improve conversion rate significantly because they are like a guarantee for the site’s trustworthiness. The higher  the price of a product or the less known a brand is. The more important is it to have a trust badge on your site or page. Baymard Institute conducted a study in 2016 about trust on ecommerce sites and found out just that.

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Conversion rate significantly Kuwait Phone Number

We see that when testing sites from large brands (i.e., Apple, Microsoft, Walmart). Users have few security concerns, even with a minimum of “visual security” simply because they are large corporations. And well-known brands (although they are still highly vulnerable to layout bugs). By contrast, when testing sites that are newer, less well-known, or more niche than these major brands, we have however observed users raise security concerns very easily if there are no visual clues. Hence, the more well-known a site or brand is, the less “visual security emphasis” clues are needed.

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