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Web 2.0 was also supposed to Belarus Phone Number become a lot more democratic, but has not (or barely) lived up to that. Why would that work with Web3? Belarus Phone Number Jack Dorsey tweets skeptically that the people trying to market Web3 were also getting filthy rich from Belarus Phone Number Web 2.0. Accept cookies Ernst-Jan Pfauth, meanwhile, has doubts in the NRC : “Moreover, Belarus Phone Number there are many libertarians among them, who hope that Web3 will decentralize everything so that we no longer need governments.

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The assumption that your data may be Belarus Phone Number tradable. You will get money and participation in return, but you will still sell your data. With the risk that you still have no idea what your data is used for. Van Dijck wants to be able to add value to the internet, but not just Belarus Phone Number commercial value. Also read: Picture perfect SEO: 8 tips for optimizing images What then? So Belarus Phone Number what could an open, decentralized internet look like? For this article I will limit myself to a few examples of social media. But of course it goes further than that. You can also think of open alternatives for software and even smartphones.

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PubHubs José van Dijck is working Belarus Phone Number with Bart Jacobs (professor at Radboud University) on a social media alternative: PubHubs . In this network you are in various hubs (such as family, municipality, library and sports club). In each hub, only a relevant part of Belarus Phone Number your own identity plays a role. The concept reminds me of the defunct Google+, where you also had Belarus Phone Number several “circles”. PubHubs is still under development and should be ready within five years (quite a long time by internet terms). It is part of the coalition of public organizations called PublicSpaces . Element & Matrix Meanwhile, De Greene Amsterdam and Waag are conducting an.

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