Affiliation To A Free Service

Testimonials that provide relevant information. Content that others have already enjoyed and have a good rating about will help to finish convincing people. f) Show awards or recognitions received. Do not miss the opportunity to include recognition received for good work. The user will value and appreciate it. 3- Pop Up pop-up Google Sites It is a pop-up window that appears in browsers when visiting a web page . Is a window whose objective is to attract the user with some benefit, if he leaves his contact information.

It is used to capture leads (prospects) for specific actions, such as Newsletter , offers, mailing, etc. It shows certain information to those users who are interested in receiving it. 4- Affiliation to a free Namibia Phone Number This is a great strategy for capturing leads. It seeks to offer access to premium content. For example, news on a specific topic or the sector, weekly tutorials , belonging to a bag of contacts of a certain category , among others. And in return, the person registers on our website.

It Seeks To Offer Access To Premium Content

Here you should consider giving the person a username and password. Now use these methods as you see fit to drive traffic to your website to add new prospects to your customer base and offer them your best products and services to meet their needs and keep them happy. If you want a hand with the design of these tools, we can be your ally to achieve it. Schedule a consultation and let’s find together the best way for your company to grow.


One of the greatest allies to attract prospects, and potential customers, is the company’s website. All companies are constantly looking for new clients, the website offers different ways to achieve it. Today we review 4 of the most effective, as well as their implementation. Index of contents 1- Lead Magnet 2- Landing pages with form 3- Pop Up 4- Affiliation to a free service 1- Lead Magnet lead magnet Antevenio It refers to any type of valuable content that is to the user for free in exchange for their contact details .

A Bag Of Contacts Of A Certain Category

To create this type of content, you must have a defined buyer persona and understand how it can help customers. Therefore, Among the main contents of this method are. It will be the best dumbbell to have direct contact with the client and strengthen the relationship with it. Therefore,  To make the landing page perfect, there are some recommendations : a) Write clearly and concisely. Speak the same language as the user, communicate the benefits of the product and the offer in a simple way. b)

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