Aircall After Series B: The Road Lebanon Phone Number to Reinventing the Business Phone

Lebanon Phone Number List
Lebanon Phone Number List

It’s been a week of celebration and reflection Lebanon Phone Number since securing $29 million in Series B funding. However, but now we’re resuming our mission with renewed energy. Aircall is going all in on these three initiatives. We’re a multinational, multicultural gang of underdogs. Who are ambitious enough to rewrite the rules of business. However, communication and humble enough to do the hard work required. That’s the formula that got us here. However, and that’s Lebanon Phone Number the one that will launch us to the next level. In a few weeks, we’ll have two gorgeous new offices to host our growing family. And to those members I haven’t met quite yet, I can promise you it will be the most rewarding chapter of your career.

Creating an Extraordinary Lebanon Phone Number Experience

We’ve made great progress building an intuitive Lebanon Phone Number, flexible, and self-service solution, but there is so much more we’d like to do. In the coming months, we’ll be rolling out a massive roadmap of features to enrich our desktop and mobile apps. More context to inform conversations, more automation to accelerate workflows, and more data to guide decisions. These Lebanon Phone number innovations can only add value, though, if they’re sitting on top of a strong foundation. That’s why we’ll also be making deep investments in infrastructure as we aim to set the new industry standard for VoIP reliability.

Giving Voice to SaaS Lebanon Phone Number

It’s no secret that software integrations have Lebanon Phone Number played a large part in our success. We’ve already seen the world of difference it makes when our customers can do something as simple as sync their CRM contacts. And with projects like Aircall Now, we’re giving teams entirely new options for how to communicate. So while we continue investing in the potential of our current integration partners, we’ll also aggressively expand this community to include more of the tools favored by fast-growing businesses. The value of voice conversations expands exponentially as customers connect more streams of business data. Naturally, this is the category of Series B spending I’m most nervous and excited about.

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