An E-commerce To Be Successful

E -commerce continues to be one of the main digital marketing channels for brands. Now in the digital age, having a good e-commerce strategy is essential for the success of brands. We share some ideas for your e-commerce to be successful. Index of contents 1) Set measurable goals 2) Build the email list and CRM 3) Customer service 4) Digital Strategy 5) Design 6) Purchase process 7) Security 1) Set measurable goals In order to measure and ensure that our company’s e-commerce is growing,

Real and measurable objectives, as well as the time periods (quarterly and annual sales periods); promotions, marketing , etc. In this way, it possible to analyze everything that and implement strategies Portugal Phone Number allow improvement. If measurements are made, it possible to identify the areas where efforts. After a year, it is important to compare the results to see the changes , establish the cycles of seasons to take into account and obtain accurate results.

Set Measurable Goals

Build the email list and CRM crms ICEMD Obtain and record the contact information of customers who visit the site, including an email record with a promotion to make it attractive to the user. For example, 10 or 20% discount on the first purchase when you subscribe. It is not only about sending an email confirming and thanking the purchase, but also following up and strengthening the relationship with customers .

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Continue to send out an engaging email newsletter at least twice a month, preferably once or twice a week. This type of newsletter should include information about new products, discounts, special offers and useful information for them and related to the business. For example, if the business is fishing rods, include fishing tips or places to visit. In this way, we build credibility and loyalty, and over time customers can become repeat customers and refer their experience to others. 3) Customer service customer service Directors and Managers

Build The Email List And Crm

Customer service will always be a priority for the success of any business, especially for an e-commerce . To make it easy for users to contact your company, you should include. Your contact information in a highly visible place . Customer service does not only refer to listening to the complaint, but it is a process. That goes from the immediate resolution of a doubt, complaint or claim to the subsequent follow. Up of the actions that out to resolve the situation. As well as adopting strategies that guarantee that the problem.

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