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Customers prefer being able to interact with businesses that can respond immediately round the clock. The rise of chatbots has shown how modern digital marketing has become more about conversations. Consumers want that interaction with businesses, with 82% of them wanting an immediate response. Businesses that can provide that are able to retain their interest and convert more of them into paying customers. It also helps if they can do other things like accurately recall your buying history, recommend products, and so on. Messenger chatbot builders like MobileMonkey can do all of this and more, being able to tend to customers helpfully and patiently.


Many big brands use Switzerland WhatsApp Number List, marketing, and even for ordering their products and services. There is still much creativity and ingenuity that can be tapped into with chatbots for. Generic messages annoy at least 63% of customers, who won’t think twice Switzerland WhatsApp Number List from brands that do so. While it takes more effort, personalizing your marketing is the biggest way to make yourself stand out this year. You should personalize your content, products, message blasts, and other marketing materials to your customers.

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It’s becoming the standard in ecommerce, wherein customers get messages that show recommended products tailored to them. Around Switzerland WhatsApp Number List are more likely to buy from a business that offers personalized experiences. Personaliz messages triggered by behavior are three times better at conversions than generic blast messages.

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