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Come up with a giveaway offer that is the same as your best-selling product or complements your best-selling product. So you are generating qualified leads (CRIK Ghana Phone Number  Nutrition’s best seller is cricket protein powder. So they give away a tub of cricket protein powder every Ghana Phone Number month). Promote your giveaway offer using Sumo Smart Bar, Sumo Welcome Mat. And Sumo List Ghana Phone Number Builder so you have multiple opportunities to capture leads. Click here to sign up for Sumo if you don’t have it yet. Convert your qualified leads into customers using email marketing automation. This could be as simple as sending one automated email after your giveaway ends to announce the monthly winner of your giveaway, with a discount or free shipping code on your products,

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like the example below (but with Ghana Phone Number incentives to buy your store’s products). Screenshot of an email If you want more inspiration on other email automations you can use, check out our list of first-purchase emails here. Want help executing this marketing qualified Ghana Phone Number lead giveaway strategy for your own eCommerce business. And want to see what other Ghana Phone Number opportunities Ghana Phone Number there are for your business? Click here to apply for a 1-on-1 session with one of our Ecommerce Experts.

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Product landing pages are the most Ghana Phone Number important type of page for any ecommerce business. Organic search to product pages is a vital source of Ghana Phone Number traffic, for a couple of reasons.  Third, organic search is a stable part of every research process nowadays, Ghana Phone Number which means that most customers are present on this channel. Discovering that your Ghana Phone Number spouse has been double-crossing is something that no one would constantly want to go through. But, sadly, it occurs more often than we’d like to admit.

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