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Earlier I mentioned that Katya’s video Bahrain Phone Number has over 100,000 views. This hasn’t come from organic promotion and shoutouts; it has come from EHPlabs’ video ranking in YouTube for Katya Elise Henry’s name which gets 33,100 organic searches on YouTube per Bahrain Phone Number month. Screenshot showing youtube search results So if all you had was the resources to pay an Bahrain Phone Number influencer for a day and you wanted to get a consistent flow of traffic to your content, then you could focus on creating videos around influencers in your industry and try to rank them on Google or YouTube.

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So if you want to get a consistent flow of Bahrain Phone Number traffic AND new customers  who buy your products every day. This next paid promotion strategy is Bahrain Phone Number exactly what you’re going to need. STEP 5: PAID CONTENT PROMOTION When an influencer Bahrain Phone Number creates a piece of content for your brand, you have a powerful business asset. But nowadays most Bahrain Phone Number people create and promote a piece of content, then move onto creating the next piece  of content.

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You saw above that organic reach for both  organic content promotion and influencer shoutouts is low. So unless you have an SEO advantage, your long-term traffic and conversions from the content are going to be low. But most importantly it’s difficult to optimize for conversions by just showing  people one piece of content. How many times have you read/watched/listened to one piece of content and then bought the  companies products straight away? Let’s say you hired Katya for a day to shoot a video for your brand. Here’s a simple strategy you could use to generate a consistent flow of customers from that one video.

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