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These days through I connected with the people of bSherpas, a platform for entrepreneurs from emerging countries to find professional collaborators who help them, from their expertise, to transform their business idea into a plan and direct their proposal to investors. adequate to capitalize your business and generate development. These guys have organized the Contest of business ads that don’t exist but should exist, to participate you just have to choose a Business Idea from the bSherpas

Entrepreneurs and create an ad that communicates your Reason Why. When asked about the contest this was what they answered us: «An idea, by itself, does not receive awards. But a video inspired by a good business idea does deserve a reward. For this reason, young Creatives Canada Phone Number List all over Ibero-America are already working on the REASON WHY Contest. Your task is to create a video to explain the business idea of ​​a bSherpas Entrepreneur.” The technique is free and creativity welcome . The participants are young Creatives, up to 27 years old, from different areas of Communication.

When Asked About The Contest

The technique is free and creativity welcome. The mechanics, we can summarize it in 3 steps: 1. Choose an Entrepreneurs Project in bSherpas. 2. Create a video that communicates the business idea. 3. Upload the announcement on the Reason Why website. The Surprise Prize is uncovered Complot, Escuela de Creativos made by Creativos, joins the REASON WHY awarding the prize for the video most voted by the public. What does it consist of? A study scholarship in the course chosen by the winner to be held in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Canada Phone Number List

All the prizes offered by the contest seek to nurture the participants with an extra dose of creativity: A week absorbing ideas at the International Sponge Seminar (Buenos Aires, Argentina), full pass to El Ojo de Iberoamérica, Subscriptions to LatinSpots. On the other hand, to reward Entrepreneurs , designers from the 12designer platform will get to work on the corporate image of their projects. Waiting for the last day… is not a good strategy Submitting announcements ends on June 30 , but there’s a reason to upload videos earlier: Videos uploaded to the Gallery sooner will have more time to rack up more votes and earn the People’s Choice Award.

The Surprise Prize Is Uncovere

It was our online radio initiative in the distant today of 2010. The idea of ​​the program was to combine information. From social networks with music and interviews with people from the digital media. At that time, the strongest and fastest growing social platform was Twitter. Technical and time problems later prevented us from continuing with the idea. We recorded the programs at the Estudios Backstage Latin America CA (Bello Monte, Caracas). Which in 2010 had started the venture: «Tu Radio Sin Payola. Perhaps one of the first online radio stations in Venezuela.

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