Better Typography

Is a design philosophy that takes a minimalistic approach to design. It recommends that you remove anything Netherlands WhatsApp Number List of three dimensions, such as beveled edges, gradients, drop shadows, and reflections. Flat design helps improve user experience on websites and apps and can lead to better engagement and conversions. This modern, up-to-date look eliminates distractions and improves readability.

Simple layout

A minimalist layout removes unnecessary elements and showcases your content. Simple doesn’t mean boring. Before you put something else on a page, ask if it enhances the user experience. If not, remove it. Not only will you make your website more appealing, you may also speed up your page load. With the number of fonts available today from Google fonts, Websites are no longer restricted to web safe fonts. With Google fonts Netherlands WhatsApp Number List, you can select from a wider variety, making your headers more eye-catching. However, don’t go crazy with too many fonts. Not only will your design look too busy, too many fonts can also slow down the loading of your web pages.

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Faster load Times

We all have become much more impatient with the speed of our devices. When your website loads slowly, you are more likely to lose your visitor. No one wants to wait for a huge image, video or slideshow Netherlands WhatsApp Number List to load.  The faster the page load time, the better the user experience. An improved user experience translates into higher conversions and more revenue. Give the people what they want. People want and need a fast online user experience.

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