Building and scaling global SEO centers of excellence Cayman Islands Phone Number

The increasingly widespread Internet adoption and mobile. Usage around the world is opening up lucrative new markets in Latin America, China and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. Global opportunities bring with them a whole new realm of user behaviors, language and. Intent considerations, and search engine expectations for SEO navigation. Google is virtually non-existent in China, for example, where more than 800 million internet users choose Baidu. Which handles an average of 6 billion queries a day in China alone –


How can you ensure your SEO is designed to scale as you expand into new global markets?

Being one of the few SEOs constantly trying to explain and justify your needs, budget, and business is a constant battle. Instead,

Promote SEO maturity in your organization

You have to walk before you can run. Before Cayman Islands Phone Number you can involve your company’s leaders and other teams in the advocacy and SEO process, you need a set of best practices and clear goals to share.

In organizations with high SEO maturity, we see several common positive traits among the people, processes, and platforms involved, including:

Below is a sample framework for broader digital Centers of Excellence that you can also map.


3 Key Characteristics of Successful Global SEO Centers of Excellence


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With this base in place, what do these centers actually look like? As you set out to build yours, pay close attention to these three critical areas.

Does your team understand searcher behavior as well as the powerful search engines in each region?

Even here in the US, where Google gets the lion’s share of queries, how search results come back varies wildly from region to region. The content will be different, but the entire structure of the SERP may also change. A query that returns a map pack result in one region may generate simple blue links in a different area (perhaps underserved or rural).


In this “where to stay” example, you can see that Google and Yandex offer different types of local pack rich results, while Baidu opted for text links (the first result being for tourists, which clearly reflects my query in English on the other side of the world).


2. Content is localized for each market


Content localization goes far beyond translation and begins with defining each market. In some cases, a market can be a neighborhood, zip code, or city. In others, an entire country may constitute a single market.

Your content should help audience members in each market with their decision-making. He must please them; to answer a question or need and resonate at a level that takes them to the next step in their buying journey. Truly localized content reflects:

  • Local language, dialect and slang
  • Search trends in the region (mobile vs desktop, keywords, etc.)
  • Local knowledge, via photos, videos, references to local landmarks and more

A Global SEO Center of Excellence has a defined and documented process to ensure content is properly localized and updated as needed. For factors such as on-page SEO, ranking factors can vary from engine to engine.


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