Captain America Wears The Winged


Helmet of Hermes and an indestructible shield like that of Perseus. In fact, Superman – created in 1933 in the pages of the fanzine Science Fiction – is the beginning of a new mythology. In this sense, comics and their paper superheroes, along with action movies and TV series, are an ideal contemporary setting for the development of the hero / demigod archetype. Titian, Spain rescues Religion, c. 1572-1575. Titian, Spain rescues Religion, c. 1572-1575. However, iconography is not just about saints or gods, or the study of works of art in relation to their textual and visual sources; it’s something else.

This method of study covers any manifestation of a figurative nature, any image in the broadest sense of the term. And it has many other applications depending on the object of study, the society, the time and the relationships that are established between form and content. Architecture, for example, can be the object of these readings, insofar as the building is Armenia Phone Number List as a symbolic form. We can also approach the study of landscape or the art of portraiture, since iconography always starts from the assumption of the existence of a figurative language in which images acquire a symbolic value and, therefore, a meaning.

In The Face Of A Portrait We May

Fall into the error of thinking, as in photography, that it is an exact representation of reality, a simple snapshot or “reflection” of a particular character. Nothing further from the truth. As non-verbal communication professionals and advertising agencies show today, there are rules that govern the phenomenon of communication through ‘our’ image, as a metaphorical ‘image’ of the self or ‘representation of the self’. —As in a selfie or “selfie” nowadays. In the same way, it can be assumed that portraits made before 1900, prior to photography, conformed to a system of conventions,

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More or less formal, whose purpose was to represent. The portrait in a certain way, in generally favorable to its “representation.” H. Rigaud, Luís XIV, 1701. H. Rigaud, Luís XIV, 1701. Thus, the creation of the public image of the king or other powerful, not only male, but also female. It is interesting to analyze how European monarchs elaborated or fabricated their “public image” in. Therefore, Order to show their power and virtues, sometimes in a very obvious way. Therefore, With allegories or iconographic elements easily understood by all strata. of society. At other times, however, they resorted to much more intellectual tools that only drove high culture and elites.

To Put It In More Modern Terms

What is interesting about iconography in this context. Is the propaganda and ideology that through the visual “media” of the time. Similar to what happens in today’s societies. Defending the existence of images and recognizing the need to demand some rigor in them. The Catholic Counter -Reformation will therefore assign new tasks to artists. The reaffirmation of saints, the sacraments and good works, will cover the artistic production. Of the Baroque in Catholic countries. In the Protestant cities, on the other hand, new pictorial genres developed from then onrich

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