Capturing And Interpreting Aerial Images

Now they can offer multispectral images in different wavelengths, which helps to obtain maps and zoning to identify causes that negatively influence the development of plants. Thanks to this technology, AgropĂ­xel has been able to increase the average production, since they can detect the areas that do not have the optimal yield and plots that can give rise to productive crops. And, as if that were not enough, this helps to distribute the production costs. cubecloud Cubenube is the best example of big data at the service of agriculture.

And it is that this company is the creator of Bynse, a pioneering system that collects data in situ in the farms of its clients. To carry out this digital agribusiness project, Cubenube developed Bynse Box, a black box with sensors that monitor the conditions of the microclimates where Netherlands Phone Number List are installed. Bynse Box sends this information to the platform, which cross-references the data with weather forecasts and FAO or NOAA databases. Cubenube has opted for data, data that its clients can consult in a personalized dashboard through the Internet. They can also receive the information via SMS or email.

Biocontrol Technologies

With this information, Cubenube helps its clients make better decisions. Biocontrol Technologies This agrobiotechnology company focuses on the development of biological fungicides to control diseases in crops. The company develops the technical documentation and carries out the process to take it to the registry to obtain the authorizations to market these products. The result is the creation of more distribution channels, since Biocontrol Technologies reaches distribution agreements with local partners,

Netherlands Phone Number List

who sell the products directly to the producer or through an intermediary, product with a commercial margin. And the profits are shared with the distributor. . Mercoguardian Mercoguardiana began its adventures in 1991. But recently they have decided to resume activity with a new. More digital and up-to-date approach, mixing old workers with the advantage of experience. Therefore, With workers who know new technologies. The result of this is a true technological ally for farmers. Therefore, And ranchers, since Mercoguardiana has a bidirectional relationship

At The Service Of The Digital

With the sector and not only absorbs the production of the fields, but also its supplier. MAIT: at the service of the digital At INCAE we to disruption and digitization. For this reason, we have developed MAIT: Master in Analytics, Innovation and Technology Management. This master’s degree is for professionals and young entrepreneurs who seek to improve their skills in innovation. Emerging technologies and digital business in order to continue growing in the labor market. Get ahead of the future with INCAE. Invest in digital transformation and achieve business success.


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