Catalan Poetry Day On The Internet

Catalan Poetry Day on the Internet Catalan Poetry Day on the Internet #PoesiaCatalana #Quedatacasa #Joemquedoacasa Every March 17, for nine springs, we celebrate the Day of Catalan Poetry on the Internet . An initiative promoted by LletrA in the framework of March 21, World Poetry Day. This year, in the tenth edition of the Catalan Poetry Day on the Internet, we are in an exceptional situation due to the spread of Covid-19 on a global scale. Despite the health emergency scenario we are experiencing, we invite you to participate in this virtual and collaborative initiative from your homes.

These are strange and very complex days, and this March 17, 2020, we can all make it a little more poetic. If you want to share your favorite Catalan verses, here’s how to participate. Take care! What is Catalan Poetry Day on the Internet? Catalan Poetry Day on the Internet , a poetic Russia Phone Number List that invites everyone to take part ―people, entities or institutions― by sharing Catalan poetry online . At the end of this publication you will find some links to resources on Catalan poetry that can serve as a source of inspiration.

What Is Catalan Poetry Day On The Internet?

March 17 Catalan poetry day on the internet How can we participate in the Catalan Poetry Day on the Internet? The participation format is free. It can be materialized, for example, in text, audio, photo or video. Therefore, You can create your own original content or share your favorite content. Depending on the social network, you can share poetry in Catalan in different ways: On Twitter , with the hashtag #poesiacatalana .Therefore, On Instagram , with the hashtag #poesiacatalana .

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In the blogosphere you can post an entry on. Catalan poetry in a blog and spread it through one of the other networks. If you report it to they will publish it from their profiles. Therefore, From the UOC’s Arts and Humanities Department and the UOC’s Degree in Catalan Language and Literature (LiLC). We encourage you to celebrate this special day by sharing your favorite verses in Catalan. On the LletrA portal you will find some resources on Catalan poetry online. That you can use or can use as a source of inspiration: Therefore, Anthology – 40 poets under the age of 40 Drawn poetry. Therefore, Poetry drawn in Fourteen 10 books by Marta Pessarrodona,

How Can We Participate In The Catalan Poetry Day On The Internet?

51st Honorary Prize for Catalan Literature 2019 Application The poetic universe of Miquel Martí i Pol The Soundcloud of lyricsA. Anthology Music of poets Page on Catalan Poetry Day on the internet. Of Catalunya Ràdio Anthology 33 poets under 35 Poetry of the Institut Ramon Llull. Digital Literary Corpus of the Màrius Torres Chair Readings of Catalan poetry on. Therefore, YouTube Poems in Catalan on Lyrikline Poems recited by Sílvia Bel on Aloud. Poems recited on Canigó project 125 voices. Therefore, Why was Catalan Poetry Day born on the Internet?

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