Challenges Of Contemporary Society

Outstanding lectures in the Memento Mori Series organized by Sala Beckett and the UOC. Curated by Jaume Claret “Dying before birth” by Paula Bonet, Clàudia Cedó and Núria Jar. Inauguration of the Cycle with a round table on perinatal and gestational death “Let the light not die” by Jaume Subirana, Sònia Moll and Jordi Pàmias ‘El dol’ by Norma Grau, Alba Payàs and Thaïs Tiana Sastre – Documentaries on history and art , a selection of Óscar González , tutor of the Degree in History, Geography and Art History.

The function to do, theater from home | kamikaze – Cultural agenda for coronavirus confinement La Vanguardia cultura # quedatacasa To interact: cultural games at home – Fresc & Freak: special #joemquedoacasa | Digital Culture – #MuseumQuizACasa | The competition of the museums of Catalonia during the confinement who are right-wing Singapore Phone Number List defending the loss of rights acquired for many years, which they want to eradicate, and which they do by defending an aggressive, overwhelming and unjust masculinity, and sexist, of course. Then it is a phenomenon that occurs together.

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And maybe this is its appeal, isn’t it ?, which is linked to other values. B : This is its appeal, indeed. That is, some meanings support each other and others support each other. That is, if they are selling you an anti-immigration policy, a policy of economic growth at the expense of whoever, the weakest, and they are selling it to you through a staging that involves an aggressive and traditional masculinity, you buy the lot, it all goes together. They’re selling it to you all together.

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They’re selling you a discriminatory gender policy in conjunction with a racist policy, with an anti-LGTBI rights policy, that is, they’re selling you everything like a conglomerate that people often uncritically buy. M : This, on the one hand, is what we need to be alert to, but on the other hand, as we have mentioned, there are political organizations that propose new ways of relating, of understanding politics. Can you give an example of an organization that you have worked with or that you know or that you are interested in representing this idea? B : Well, yes, I’m going to set the example a feminist reaction.

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Yes and no, because feminism was already there, just like the recalcitrant. Rude masculinity I tell you now, it was there too. There is a part of action-reaction but not everything is action-reaction. But there are millennia of doing things in a way that does not change in a day or two. I am doing research now, for example, in positions that are completely contrary to this spectrum. That we have drawn and that are also nationalistic but that use the ideal of nation to build a society. Say, different, where feminism is an important leg.

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