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February 14 is one of the most special dates of the year. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for brands to make customers fall in love with very emotional and impressive campaigns. If you are thinking of the best strategy for your customers to be delighted with you this Valentine’s Day, today we share some ideas. Index of contents 1) Give experiences 2) Simple contest for the special date 3) Special Valentine’s Package Marketing Campaigns with Love Telcel Falabella realejos 1) Give experiences Valentine’s experiences

Report BTL Identify the couples in love who are loyal to your brand so that they talk about everything that your products or services offer them, their advantages. For example, if your business is a restaurant, ask Venezuela Phone Number to post photos or videos of the experience they have had on their social networks . It is also important that they mention the brand in order to have a greater number of visits and interactions. 2) Simple contest for the special date

Simple Contest For The Special Date

A good idea for customers to love your brand is with details such as a contest on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest). They can be simple initiatives, such as love story contests, romantic photos, the most romantic gift , among others. valentine contest LEAD MOTIVE 3) Special Valentine’s Package valentine package Another option to reward loyal customers

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Is to design special packages for those who enter your brand’s e-commerce in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.  Therefore, Similarly, to give it more excitement, it can be a last minute package with. Special discounts for those who make a last minute purchase. Therefore, Marketing Campaigns with Love Valentine’s Day. Is one of the dates that brands have. Taken advantage of to exploit creativity, marketing with love to make customers fall in love. Among the campaigns of February 14, there are some that stand out. We leave you some of the most emotional.

Special Valentine’s Package

Telcel Falabella realejos Now take advantage of this special day to promote your company, boost sales of your business. Making customers fall in love with creative campaigns that reach the heart and are always remembered. Therefore, May this Valentine’s Day be excellent for your company and for your clients. Therefore, Looking for new ideas for your marketing campaigns? Schedule a consultation and let’s awaken emotions in the public that make your brand a lovemark .

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