Content Is Hard To Scan

If you do need a Spain WhatsApp Number List a lot of content, formatting can be your best friend. People won’t read a wall of text under any circumstances. To capture attention, you need to make your content easy. To scan to find the keyword phrases that are of interest. Crowded text, tiny fonts and minimal white space all discourage people from scanning.  Make use of headings and bullets. Write shorter paragraphs. Use interesting, legible fonts that are easy to read. Bold important content to draw the eye. Font size for the content body should be 14 pixels or more to make it easier to read on any device. Include enough white space on the page to make the content stand out.

 Images Are Irrelevant or Low Quality

Images are an important element of your website design. However, irrelevant, overused stock photography or low quality images are distracting. Images should be used to illustrate your message so Spain WhatsApp Number List the visitor can understand the context without having to read every word of the text. Take the time to search for unique, quality images for your website or take your own. If you purchase stock photography, buy the right size and resolution to ensure the image is clear and not distort.

Spain WhatsApp Number List

My opinion about using sliders on your homepage. There are folks that believe that sliders are distracting and don’t add to Spain WhatsApp Number List the design. Your home page. I agree sliders are not for every business, but in some industries. That are very visual, a well-design slider with relevant images and appropriate messages can be a powerful way to get your point across.

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