Create Your Content Strategy

If you understand your audience, you know what type of content they need. From this, you can create the right content strategy to attract them to you and satisfy their needs.To plan out your content, create an editorial calendar that includes. What content you plan to create. What Nigeria WhatsApp Number List use – blog post, podcast, YouTube videos, presentations and webinars. Who will create it. The style to be used across all media channels to project a consistent brand image. Your schedule for sharing your content across all of your social media channels. Don’t worry about the exact dates for each piece of content. Create the list and arrange as you go, selecting those pieces that you feel compelled to work on.

 Develop Your Offer

Great content that attracts visitors to your website is the first step. But what do you want your visitors to do now that they have found you? Create an offer that will have them take some action, which Nigeria WhatsApp Number List lead. What can you provide that has so much value to them that they will trade their email address for your offer so you can nurture them through the buyer’s journey? Creating the right Nigeria WhatsApp Number List important to attracting the right audience.

Nigeria WhatsApp Number List

As you can see, the type of lead magnet you choose to create depends on your business. Plus whether the lead needs to be nurtur or is ready to buy is also dependent on the type of business. Nigeria WhatsApp Number List to a free trial or estimate is further down the path to purchase than someone who signs up for your email list to get a template or checklist.

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