Customer Acquisition 4 Effective Methods

One of the greatest allies to attract prospects, and potential customers, is the company’s website. All companies are constantly looking for new clients, the website offers different ways to achieve it. Today we review 4 of the most effective, as well as their implementation. Index of contents 1- Lead Magnet 2- Landing pages with form 3- Pop Up 4- Affiliation to a free service 1- Lead Magnet lead magnet Antevenio It refers to any type of valuable content that is given to the user for free in exchange for their contact details .

To create this type of content, you must have a defined buyer persona and understand how it can help customers. Among the main contents of this method are: E-Books Check list Videos Short Morocco Phone Number webinars Graphic pieces Special discounts This type of content brings many benefits to the company. For example, there is more possibility of positioning in search engines, attracting more qualified traffic. Another benefit is the increase in the contact list, adding value and educating customers.

When Something Specific Is Publishe

Depending on the Lead Magnet , the buyer person at some stage of the buyer’s journey , strengthening the relationship with them and thus offering solutions to their problems. 2- Landing pages with form landing pages Azuanet When something specific is on the website. Or an advertisement is made about a certain product, it is necessary to direct the audience towards the content that they are interested in seeing.


Having specific landing pages for them can go a long way in encouraging users to stay on the site and take specific actions. Now that if we add a contact form to the landing pages , it will be the best dumbbell to have direct contact with the client and strengthen the relationship with it. To make the landing page perfect, there are some recommendations : a) Write clearly and concisely. Speak the same language as the user, communicate the benefits. Of the product and the offer in a simple way. b)

Add Icons To Share On Social Networks

Clearly explain the value and importance of the offer. The most important thing is to offer value to the person, to focus at all times on how. To take advantage of the content that. c) Use lists so that the information is easily understandable. In this way the user’s attention on the most important points; Give relevance to the benefits of the content. d) Add icons to share on social networks. If the user considers the content interesting, he can share it through social networks.

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