Douyin and iQIYI join hands! What is the “two-way running” of long and short videos?

Today, Douyin and iQiyi have taken a key step, and the licensing cooperation between long and short video platforms has become possible.

However, the copyright issue of long and short videos is not just an issue of Douyin and iQiyi, and it is impossible to resolve all disputes with the cooperation of these two platforms. They are only a good start.

More importantly, while solving the copyright dilemma, long and short video platforms should also think about how to obtain tangible economic benefits from cooperation.

The change has just begun. Whether Douyin and iQiyi will eventually achieve a win-win situation, only time can give us the answer.

1. Douyin and iQiyi join forces, and Kuaishou and Station B are trembling?

In the early morning of July 19, iQiyi and Douyin sent a big news to the market: the two sides officially reached a cooperation, the former will open the copyright of long video content to the latter for short video creation. In addition, iQIYI and Douyin will also explore the creation and promotion of long and short video content, opening a new model of long and short video cooperation and win-win.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the intensified copyright disputes of the second creation of short videos are an important background for the cooperation between iQiyi and Douyin. Especially for Douyin, which has suffered a lot from copyright issues, this cooperation is even more significant.

After obtaining the official authorization of iQiyi, at least Douyin can perfectly avoid copyright risks when using the former related video content for secondary creation.

Looking back at the lawsuits that Douyin has caused in recent years, copyright is an unavoidable keyword.

In December last year, Tencent claimed 800 million yuan from Douyin for copyright infringement of “Douluo Continent”, setting a new record for the amount of claims in a series of copyright lawsuits between the two parties.

Earlier, Tencent also sued Douyin for copyright infringement of original content such as “Black Storm” and “Glory of the King”.

According to media statistics, in the second half of last year alone, Tencent launched 168 infringement lawsuits against Douyin, involving Albania Phone Number an amount of nearly 3 billion yuan.

 The authorization of the second creation still faces many challenges, and the music copyright dispute may be repeated

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Douyin is not the only short video platform that has won the copyright of long video content.

Shortly after the announcement of the cooperation between Douyin and iQiyi, the media broke the news that Kuaishou would reach a cooperation with Tencent Video.

According to a report from the Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily, the negotiations between Kuaishou and Tencent Video have been very in-depth, and they are currently in the “close to reaching” stage, and it is estimated that an official announcement will be made soon. However, Tencent Video quickly made an official refutation, saying that the report that it had reached a strategic cooperation with an external platform for long-term video creation was untrue.

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