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Is the most ancient concept we could ever imagine. Although “the brand community” is quite a novel term, “the community” itself has existed since times immemorial. Since the Earth has started rolling around the Sun, humans have been building communities. It’s our natural need and the primary condition for our comfortable existence.

Researchers usually describe a brand community as the one defined by three markers:

  • The consciousness of kind – an understanding that people in a community are connected together and that they are different from outsiders.
  • Rituals and traditions – specific acts and behaviors that make the community’s culture and meaning.
  • Sense of obligation to the community – a sense of moral responsibility that motivates people to serve each other.

Consequently, community marketing is the brand’s connection to a specific community of like-minded people through a certain platform, fostering the value exchange between. In addition, all community members, and watering insiders’ connections by regularly publishing the relevant content. The brand’s role in the community is simple yet crucial: supporting and watching the members for compliance with the community’s culture.

The Dawn of Community and Influencer Marketing


The rise of community marketing. The brand Georgia Phone Number community is the tribe that loves listening and sharing ideas. There is always “a tribune” for the one who speaks the Idea and shares the Opinion with others. This person might be everyone within the community, including the brand itself or an average member.

Marketing and influencer marketing

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is the explosive mixture for customer engagement and loyalty, resulting in higher conversion and customer retention rates. In addition, What converts today is the authentic human connection, and influencer marketing incorporated into the brand community provides it. An excellent example is a video by Vince Lia, the owner of White Castle (a regional hamburger restaurant chain), featuring the feedback of the famous social media influencer Casey Neistat.

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