Everyone Loves Brands With Purpose

Brands with a purpose have regained a leading role that, although it is not new, returns with greater influence after the health crisis last year. We tell you here what it is about and how you can create a mutual benefit for your company and for the community you speak to. If you browse the internet for a while, you will find hundreds of publications that talk about the speed with which, as a result of the pandemic, people managed to adopt digital changes that in theory would come into our lives within 5 years.

The change has not only generated new buying or interaction habits on networks, it also represents the opportunity to Austria Phone Number List through the purpose of the brand. It is not that brands with a purpose were not talked about before the pandemic, but the fact that consumers had all the time for themselves and spent so many hours in front of their digital devices, not only meant consuming differently but also looking at themselves differently .

What Is A Brand With Purpose?

Now, for better or for worse, the leading role is there and with it, the true purpose of brands. Index of contents What is a brand with purpose? Is it worth including the purpose in your Value proposition? Where to start? What is a brand with purpose? The purpose is intimately to your value proposition. A brand with purpose is one that, beyond seeking commercial results. Therefore, Positions itself on important issues for its target audience and society in general. Therefore,  A brand with a purpose knows in depth what values ​​it represents beyond success in sales and knows how to transmit it.

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It also knows the values ​​of its clients and what drives them to improve themselves and, therefore, to improve the environment around them. This way, your brand has a vital opportunity to connect on an emotional level. To speak from honesty to solve a real problem and to have a real focus in the conversation, beyond the credit card number. If you are interested in delving into this topic, you read: 5 Tips for your Emotional Branding Strategy marcas-with-purpose. Is it worth including the purpose in your Value proposition?

Is It Worth Including The Purpose In Your Value Proposition?

A recent study published by a Spanish communication agency found that “the higher the price of a product or service. Therefore, The more weight the brand purpose has in the consumer’s purchase decision” (Hotwire Study, Spain, June 2021). This preference for brands with a purpose is more relevant in the case of the younger generations. McCann ‘s study , “The truth about Generation Z” , points out that for this new generation. The product is just as important as what the company does (or fails to do). Therefore, Due to problems related to the environment. Diversity or sustainability.

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