For A Niche Marketing Strategy

And that this has real interest and economic capacity to become a client of the business. Moreover, the ideal is that this segmentation or specialization means that your target audience is willing to pay more for it. It must be the fraction or specialization of an existing and profitable market segment. It can start from the interest in providing a solution to a specific or specialized demand requested by a smaller group of people or companies within a broader market segment that already exists and is profitable.

To be a market -preferably- free of competition . Advantages of Niche Marketing 1) Reduce advertising costs: The more segmented the ad, the lower the cost per click. Current tools such as Facebook Jamaica Phone Number or Instagram Ads, among others, make it easier to do so thanks to the hyper-segmentation that their ads allow. Online marketing is essential to reach niches and micro-niches whether it is online or offline business . niche-marketing Niche: Digital Photography for Chefs on Instagram 2) Less competition:

Advantages Of Niche Marketing

The great idea of ​​Niche Marketing is to explore an audience through specific needs. A person can position themselves as a photography expert and address an audience that loves cameras, lenses, etc. Segmentation is digital photography and the tools around a digital image. The niche is digital photography for Chefs on Instagram. 3) Customers loyal to the brand: “ There are some factors that guarantee this advantage. Having less competition means that the public’s attention is less fragmented,

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That is, you will have more opportunities to win over customers. The second factor is that, once the public tastes the quality of your product and your attention, the community itself will advertise for you, since the market options are scarcer” says Fabio Gómez DaSilva, specialist in inbound marketing. niche-marketing 2 Examples of Niche Marketing Hotel in magical towns pet friendly for adults only: niche-marketingAimed at a very segmented audience : adults who want to stay in a hotel in a country setting without the presence of families with children, but want to be able to bring their pets with them.

Customers Loyal To The Brand

In general, this niche is willing to pay a premium for a place. Therefore, That has fun and leisure options that owners and pets can share. Adventure tourism for singles looking for a partner: niche -marketing. Hyper-segmentation of people who are looking for a partner and are lovers of adventure sports. Therefore, Adequate market size. It is a type of leisure that many people share and since it is practiced alone or in small groups, it is not necessarily to find a partner. It fragments the segment of matchmaking companies. Which exists, is profitable and is growing.

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