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you can either install the official OG Tag plugin or use the Yoast plugin. Best And Worst Practice When you paste a URL into Facebook’s status update module, Guatemala Phone Number you get a preview of what the share will look like. La-Z-Boy added all relevant OG tags to the product page: title, description, URL, image. Screenshot showing a social media post before it Koernerfurnite. On the other hand, Guatemala Phone Number hasn’t defined any OG tags on its product page and therefore doesn’t get good-looking social media Guatemala Phone Number snippets. Screenshot showing how a social media post looks before it What the best practice does right: It has title, description, image, and URL OG meta tags in the <head> section of your source code.

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All components have the right image size Guatemala Phone Number and character length. What the worst practice does wrong: Only some or no OG Tags implemented. If you’re concerned about your OG Tags, you can use either of these tools to check a page for valid implementation: Open Graph  Check[*] Facebook Sharing Debugger URL The final component of a perfect snippet we can impact is the URL. It  doesn’t stick out in the search results as much as the description or title but can still make a snippet look “off.” As observed in anecdotal tests. Users are less likely to click a URL that consists of mostly numbers and characters.

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It doesn’t stick Guatemala Phone Number

Google tries to show a breadcrumb  navigation whenever possible in a snippet. Best And Worst Practice Screenshot showing google search results What the best  practice does right: Dick’s Sporting Good’s snippet in the screenshot above has a clean URL that’s easy to understand for users. REI’s snippet  is even better, as it’s shown in a breadcrumb rich snippet and consists of a hierarchy (Camping and Hiking > Tents). What the worst practices do wrong

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