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Google Shopping reached a major milestone in the fourth quarter of 2018, according to research from Sidecar. For the first time ever, more than half of all Shopping conversions happened on mobile devices. Google’s paid search was not far behind with 44% of all mobile conversions in Q4. If exposure and brand awareness are part of your goals for Google Shopping, you’ll get more bang for your buck on mobile, where CPCs are cheaper and Showcase ads are a factor. These mobile impressions can drive conversions on both mobile and desktop. Consider creating a separate campaign for mobile traffic if you haven’t already. It will allow you to

Coherently plan search and buy campaigns

As the charts above show, metrics like impression share vary between Shopping campaigns and paid search campaigns. You might find, for example, that you face more competition in paid search than in Shopping. Therefore, you can treat paid search Northeast Mobile Phone Number List as a low-end channel and focus your spend on high-intent queries that have the best chance of converting. To complete this strategy, consider how you can fill the top of the funnel with Google Shopping, a channel where you already have an exposure advantage. You may be able to more aggressively resist bidding on more products to increase the uptake rate even more.

Evaluate a switch to multi-touch attribution

Most retail marketers probably agree that last-minute attribution is a fundamentally flawed approach in today’s omnichannel world. On the other hand, multi-touch attribution can allow you to measure performance across all channels and get an entirely new (and more accurate) view of your customers’ journey. While it’s certainly not a simple feat to switch attribution models, some retailers, like Moosejaw, are managing to make the leap. The retail landscape is becoming increasingly competitive. A multi-touch model that aligns with your business and your goals can be the

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By carefully coordinating shopping and paid search campaigns, you position yourself for a comprehensive marketing approach. Put your customers first when developing any strategy for Google Ads, while keeping your competitors in view.

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