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On November 25, the first edition of Best Central American Companies concluded, a program whose primary objective is to enhance the strengths of medium-sized companies in the region, in order to contribute to their transformation, promoting their growth and expansion in the national and international market. “For Deloitte, the creation of the Best Companies program is of the utmost importance, since its objective is to empower medium-sized companies in the more than 40 countries in the world where

This initiative now has a presence. Best Central American Companies seeks to strengthen the private sector in the 7 countries that make up the program (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic), this sector being Iceland Phone Number List engine that drives the economy of our region” mentions Carla Coghi, Managing Partner for Central America of Deloitte. As part of the closing of the first edition of Best Central American Companies, a series of events were held virtually on November 25.

The First Edition Of Best Central American Companies

It began with a symposium focused on 2 topics of great importance for our region, such. As digital transformation and sustainability. “For the program it is very important to create spaces for companies. That facilitate access to specialized knowledge that allow them to boost their productivity, profitability and projection at a local and international level, at Best Companies we believe that knowledge grows when it is shared” , mentions Pilar Ruiz de Chávez, Deloitte Partner and Leader of the Best Companies in Latin America. Therefore, The Emerging Technologies for Digital

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Transformation webcast by 3 experts on this topic, with international speaker Chris Jackson. Deloitte Private Technology Leader, who presented the results of Deloitte’s 2021 US Midsize Private Company Technology Survey. Therefore, This survey was out among the senior executives of 500 companies. Therefore, In the States, where trends, the level of technology adoption, plans and expenses known. “Organizations that embrace technology modernization, workplace flexibility. And an employee-centric approach will have an advantage in the war for talent acquisition,” Chris Jackson.

Companies And Entrepreneurs Continually Seek To Evolve

Additionally, there was the participation of Marco Velásquez, Regional Vice President. Of Digital Transformation of Grupo Promerica, who delved into the relevance of talent and culture as a cornerstone of digital transformation. “Digital Transformation is HUMAN. There is no Digital Transformation without a Cultural Transformation” mentions Marco Velásquez. Therefore, The presentation concluded with Carla Fernández Corrales, MBA Academic Director. And professor at INCAE Business School, who presented. The emerging technologies for digital transformation.

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