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This way you can type on your messages with 10 fingers. Two screens during digital consultation I myself use two screens during digital meetings. My Switzerland Phone Number smartphone is in a holder at eye level. My laptop contains my normal work. I participate in the online Switzerland Phone Number consultations via mobile. I also make digital consultations less mentally taxing by setting the brightness of both screens to 75 percent. Dark mode is also possible. What does WhatsApp get you? You can reach the entire conference group at any time. You always have contacts and chat history at hand.

My smartphone is in a holder

Mobile phone on a stand next to the Switzerland Phone Number PC screen and a confetti cannon in the corner Work more efficiently by conducting online consultations via your smartphone. 6. Quick access to applications and files When you onboard someone, you only notice how Switzerland Phone Number much software, websites and files are in use. Working with bookmarks in your browser saves you time every day. Google Chrome’s tools Set bookmarks within Google Chrome. Organize your bookmarks toolbar so that you can fit a lot of links in it. Describe each link in short words, for example ‘Excel’ or ‘Agenda’.

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In addition to bookmarks

Make regular backups of your bookmarks. The IT department will sometimes update your browser and in that case you will have to import the bookmarks again. In Switzerland Phone Number addition to bookmarks, you can add extensions to Google Chrome. I also use tools from Switzerland Phone Number external websites. Wait a minute, I’ll list what I’m using right now: Best Google Chrome Extensions Switzerland Phone Number (Free) My list of the best Google Chrome extensions for communication and content marketing: Awesome Screenshot – useful for taking screenshots and commenting on them. Bitwarden – free tool to autofill passwords and credit card information.

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