Here’s What You Need to Know About Image Optimization for Seo Belize Phone Number

A lot can be said about web performance and images. This article aims to provide an overview of key aspects of image optimization to help you with your. Seo efforts, from quick wins to slightly more complex techniques.

Why image search matters

while there aren’t exactly official numbers, google. Said that every day hundreds of millions of people use google images to visually discover and. Explore content Belize Phone Number on the web. According to moz, image search represents 27% of all queries generated in the top 10 web search properties in the united states:

about a year ago, google updated the. “view image” button in image search to “visit [page]”. As a result, analytics platforms began to see an increase. In sessions specifically related to image search, and content visibility for host pages increased (instead of random, context-free image files). Apart from supporting content and improving user experience, images. Are again an important source of traffic and should not be ignored.


Properly naming and describing images for seo


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one of the simplest and often overlooked optimization. Opportunities is the naming of the image files themselves. These should use a few carefully chosen keywords – ideally the keywords the image might rank for – while omitting stop words (a, the, in, of, etc.) and separating words -keys with dashes (for example, img-458752.jpg would become brooklyn -bridge-night.jpg).

Attributes in the case of image links, these attributes also. Provide search engines with context about the landing page, which helps it rank.


For e-commerce and product images, it’s often. A good idea to also add skus, isbns , or model numbers. To attributes. Note that image captions on the page. And keywords in the text box also help search engines get more context for images and improve their ability to rank.

Note that the host page’s html title tags are. Also now shown in image search results , so you should make sure these are also somewhat relevant. To the image if possible (see screenshot above).



image file size can disproportionately affect. Page load time, so it’s important to get it right. Jpegs are generally more seo friendly than pngs, especially if you don’t need transparent backgrounds, as they offer better levels of compression. Computer-generated logos and other high-resolution graphics can usually also use the vector svg file format (make sure your server also caches, minifies, and compresses this format). The gif format should be reserved. For simple animations that do not require large color scales (they are limited to 256 colors).for large and long moving images, it may be better. To use a true video format instead, as it allows for video sitemaps and the schematic.


What matters most is the actual file size (in kb) of the images. Themselves: always try to save them under 100 kb or less whenever possible. So start by selecting the best format for. Your needs, then select the best settings. For them.

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