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For how to install and find out its features, you can follow the methods as discussed in this article.

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Then, idwebhost also has hosting and domain promos that can be used to meet your hosting or domain needs on your website. Regards!serp for some people who are starting to learn seo from scratch may still be confused about its meaning and function.

For that, for those of you who are learning seo or are Greece Phone Number familiar with seo but want to deepen your knowledge of seo again, you can study the serp in this article.


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1 what are serps?
2 what is the importance of serp for seo?
3 ways a website appears in the serp
3.1 1. Paid advertising
3.2 2. Organic results with seo optimization
3.3 3. Serp features
3.3.1 3.1. Featured snippets
3.3.2 3.2. Rich snippets
3.3.3 3.3. Knowledge cards
3.3.4 3.4. Knowledge panel
3.3.5 3.5. Image collection
3.3.6 3.6. Headlines
3.3.7 3.7. People also ask
3.3.8 3.8. Shopping results
3.3.9 3.9. Twitter box
3.3.10 3.10. Sitelink
3.3.11 3.11. Video search results
4 conclusion
what are serps?


serp or search engine results pages is the result of the search page display that has been typed by the user in the search field on search engines such as google.

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