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Hot Sale without shortcuts: keys and strategies to sell more Karla Montes May 19, 2021 Inbound Marketing , Trends Comments offin Hot Sale without shortcuts: keys and strategies to sell more 1,264 Views Hot Sale 2021 is just around the corner. The largest online sales campaign in the country will take place from May 23 to 31. According to the data registered by the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO), in 2020, the Hot Sale generated sales of more than $20,155 million pesos.

That is, an increase of 82% compared to what was reported in 2019, creating a great opportunity for recovery and growth for companies. We know that this year also represents a great opportunity for Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number brand to multiply its sales, so before you start implementing your Hot Sale actions, we share with you the main keys to creating a successful campaign. Index of contents 1. Review of history of the Hot Sale vs. expectations 2021 2. Plan your marketing actions for

Review Of History Of The Hot Sale

Hot Sale Some of the actions that you can implement in Hot Sale are: 3. Dissemination and Publicity 4. Provide an omnichannel marketing experience 5. Checking the infrastructure of your online store 6. Protection of customer and business data 7. Provide incredible customer service Can I participate in the Hot Sale even if I am not an AMVO member? 1. Review of history of the Hot Sale vs. expectations 2021 To know what to expect , you can always look at historical data .

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Thanks to multiple digital tools, past performance and then traffic in 2020. Can be compared with what is expected in 2021. Did you know that the average ticket that shoppers plan to spend during the Hot Sale is different between men and women? Therefore,  While many women spend an average ticket of between 3,000 and 5,000 pesos, men often spend more than 7,000 pesos during the event.

Plan Your Marketing Actions For Hot Sale

(The Economist) If your brand participated in Hot Sale 2020, check the history of your activity. For this you can make a graph of your traffic day by day. Visit time, types of visitors, buy by visitors, etc… Therefore, This will give you an advantage over new vendors. hot sales 2021 Via 2. Plan your marketing actions for Hot Sale When planning your marketing actions, it is important that you clearly define

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