How does this work Reach out to community members for a quote or

advice to feature in your next piece and in return, they’ll share the final product with their audience. Talk about running micro-influencer networks for free! Related content: 8 Slack Communities Every Marketer and SEO Should Join [Growth Study] Slack: The Fastest Growing Enterprise Apps in History Click here to download your free guide now! We’ve helped Fortune 500 companies, VC-backed startups, and businesses like yours grow revenue faster . Get a free consultation Niche websites As a marketer, you may already be familiar with GrowthHackers , an online community where marketers discuss everything from SEO to email marketing and, clearly, growth hacks. If you are not yet using its power to spread your marketing content, you are far behind.

LinkedIn provide a good place to exchange content.

Some LinkedIn groups are full of spam, so browse past content before submitting your own. You can also build your own network on LinkedIn (try to get at least 7000 connections) and share regular posts with your content search results. Related Content: 12 High-Performing Norway Phone Number Facebook Group Engagement Tactics Subnets like /r/sales/ or /r/marketing/ (and others that match your content topic) also provide highly engaged communities. Reddit users can be a little hard on promotional content, so only use this medium for insightful content that can add value to pre-existing threads. Same for Quora .

The Q&A website has already been taken over by companies

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looking to get people to know their brand. Instead, use the platform to share unique information and create content paths to your product instead of shameless direct advertisements. Also remember that you may already have your own little community: your mailing list . Although your subscribers are an existing audience, you can encourage them to share more of your content or, even better, find other newsletters to feature your posts. The results can be remarkable when you combine the reach of all these communities. In fact, 35% of marketers say that if

they were forced to choose one promotion strategy for their content, communities would be theirs: Content Promotion Databox Grow & Convert received 32,977 unique visitors in five months simply through promotion in communities. Ahrefs got about 1 million views on her Quora posts. Sure, these didn’t get as much traffic as their website, but it’s a solid attempt to increase brand awareness. Dive deeper: Beyond the Blog Post: 21 Examples of Inspirational Branded Content 6 Tips to Increase Content Production Without Sacrificing Quality What is the right content for each stage of the marketing funnel? 30 ways to come up with great ideas for your blog posts 2)

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