How Mention Uses Aircall Slovenia Phone Number to Boost Sales and Customer Success

Slovenia Phone Number List
Slovenia Phone Number List

Mention, a media monitoring software company Slovenia Phone Number, has been using Aircall’s VoIP phone system for more than three years. Founded in 2012, Mention rapidly acquired over 650,000 customers. The platform helps companies track their web and social media presence and draw analytical insights. Thanks to Mention. However, marketing Slovenia Phone Number leaders can evaluate their brand’s reputation and influence alongside their competitors’ to make impactful decisions. Both Mention Slovenia Phone Number and Aircall got their start at the eFounders studio, so the connection runs deep. We had a chance to speak with Matthieu Gauthier, Mention’s Head of Marketing, to hear how Aircall’s cloud-based phone software helped their team grow and succeed.

How Mention uses Aircall Slovenia Phone Number

However, Mention’s phone operations are Slovenia Phone Number split into three functions: An outbound sales team to discover new leads and set up product demos. An inbound sales team to onboard new users, manage existing accounts, and foster customer success. A customer support team to provide troubleshooting product knowledge and field inbound support inquiries. However, Mention uses Aircall to make sure that their phone solution empowers salespeople to do their best work. Powerful and Convenient Integrations Successful sales and support teams stay organized and knowledgeable regarding their customer activity. Mention’s Slovenia Phone Number team moves quickly, so they integrated Aircall into their Salesforce CRM to have all customer interactions centralized in one, easy-to-view location. “Aircall is incredibly simple to set up, scale, and integrate.

The need for speed Slovenia Phone Number

Mention maintains relationships across more Slovenia Phone Number than 150 countries. However, with activity spanning a globe’s worth of timezones. We want our salespeople to spend their time on the phone with customers and prospects, not doing data entry.” Moreover, Aircall’s user-friendly dashboard allows Mention’s support and sales team to expand and contract on-demand. However, Admins can add, reassign, or deactivate users in a matter of minutes. “We don’t want to have to rely on our IT team every time a new salesperson comes in,” explains Matthieu. “Our developers are hard at work on our product, and that’s where their priorities should lie, not in setting up SIP phones. Setting up Aircall for a new teammate is very simple and only takes a few minutes!” Timeliness and agility can mean the difference between a big win and a missed opportunity.


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