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Recently, I was talking to a client about a new project when he brought up an interesting question. He was curious how I measured EAT, or “Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness,” against SEO.

While it’s sometimes difficult to understand Google’s internal. Processes, from what I’ve heard from trusted sources at Google, EAT applies specifically to YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) websites, it’s i.e. sites offering medical or financial advice.

As you’d expect, Google prefers not to give misleading. Or unreliable advice that could affect your financial or physical well-being, so it’s very important to pay close attention to the information presented on these types of websites.

Now, my client’s website was not in a financial or medical niche, so technically these guidelines don’t affect him directly. After all, Google – it is said – does not apply EAT at all levels. But I didn’t tell the customer not to worry about EAT.


Far from there.

In my opinion, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness are things that every business should seek to develop both online and offline.

I asked my co-author on


The Art of SEO, Eric Enge, to weigh in on this EAT. Question and whether it applies to YMYL only or more broadly across the web. He replied, “Google is very technical and precise in how they use various terms. Within Google, as I understand it, EAT refers to something that they specifically apply to YMYL sites.


In this excellent article, Chris Silver Smith argues Egypt Phone Number that Google partly uses a numerical score to calculate EAT. But, EAT still applies to things like eCommerce pages, even when those aren’t as high priority as YMYL. »

So if you believe me and these two highly reputable SEO practitioners, following the EAT guidelines is good for SEO no matter your niche. In my opinion, even if EAT only applied to certain industries, the techniques used to build authority should be part of any SEO strategy.


The problem is that EAT is notoriously difficult to measure.

How does Google measure authority

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If you talk to different people in the SEO industry, they. Will have different theories about the signals Google uses to assess your site authority and assign rankings. We know that backlinks from authoritative sites are one-way. .


Exactly how Google uses all of these factors to make a decision is a bit of a mystery, even to Google engineers. This is because machine learning algorithms are opaque about the signals they use. No one can see inside the black box – even the programmers who originally coded the AI.

In the aforementioned article, Chris Silver Smith argues that rather than weighing one particular signal above all others, Google’s approach to assessing authority is more “holistic”.

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