How To Achieve Brand Consistency?

At one point, he adopts a brighter, more playful tone of voice, but overnight he takes a serious approach, even if the subject doesn’t call for it. If this variation occurs constantly, there will be natural noises in the message, preventing a clearer understanding of what that brand actually looks like. The same problem can occur if there is no consistency in simpler matters, such as the colors used in graphic pieces. In this case, it is a crucial detail, related to visual identity. According to Accenture, only 28% of consumers claim to be loyal to a brand and this trend is less as time goes by.

The development of experiences has become one of the great allies to captivate the most demanding users. In that sense, brand consistency plays a vital role. Some of the guidelines to achieve Brand Consistency are: Have a well-defined message A brand message must be aligned with El Salvador Phone Number key elements: 1) the values ​​that the brand represents and 2) the pain points that the Target Audience wants to solve. When the brand makes a “match” between these two elements we can speak of a well-defined message.

Have A Well-defined Message

In addition, it is essential that it be simple and easy to understand: there are seconds that we have to capture attention and the simpler the message, the easier it will be to remember it. Consider how it will apply across different platforms and whether you’ll need different formats to cover all user touchpoints. Brand-consistency design guide Based on the seconds we have to grab attention, design is key. Remember that an image says more than a thousand words, so it is not just another element.

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It is not only to maintain cohesion in the logo. But we must consider a color palette , typography, photography and illustration styles. As well as other visual elements to have the same line to follow. They have to include guidelines for the website , from banners, buttons, or web fonts . Voice tone Achieving a tone of voice that makes our customers think “you are talking to me” is one of the most powerful links in Brand Consistency.

Achieving A Tone Of Voice

The values ​​represent the basis of the brand’s personality (fun, formal, expert, youthful, bold, leader, etc.). And based on this personality, the tone of voice will use a communication style. The way in which you address the user covers different online and offline channels: Social Networks. Website, Newsletter , promotions and visual campaigns and even the copy or texts. Of the packaging. Brand-consistency Conclution: Brand consistency is something. That depends on a positive approach to topics, consistent positioning and also a flawless image.

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