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NFS allows you to share the file system on more than one server , but implementation requires some administrative skills.

In a traditional infrastructure environment, you might need to involve multiple teams and it would take time to create NFS. But if you’re using AWS , you can do it in a few minutes with their EFS (Elastic File System) service.

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AWS EFS allows you to create scalable file storage for use on EC2. You don’t have to worry about capacity forecasting, as you can scale up or down on demand .

A quick illustration was taken from the AWS



 page to give you an idea of ​​how it works

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Fully managed by AWS.
Low cost, pay for what you use.
High available and durable
Automatically scale up or down.
Scalable performance
I have two Ubuntu EC2 instances running, and in this tutorial, I will create an EFS and then mount it to both EC2 servers .

Let’s get it started.

Sign in to the AWS Console
Go to Services and select EFS under direct link storage )
Click “Create File System”.
AWS will automatically assign an IP address in the Availability Zone. If you need to change, you can do so on the next screen.
Add the tag if you need and select the performance mode between General Use or Max I/O
Review the settings and if everything is ok, click ” Create file system .”
It may take a few seconds and once



done you will receive a success message



This concludes that you have created EFS and are ready to China Phone Number mount it on EC2 instances.

Mounting EFS on EC2
Before mounting, you must install the NFS client. If you expand the list and click on “ Amazon EC2 Build Instructions”, you will get the details.

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