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As a rule, these are phrases that include the name and qualifying words, for example: company + reviews; product + reviews; company + employee reviews; product + why. Brand request + review In Google Analytics, go to the Administration section, in the Channel Settings tab , open Brand Name Management . Check to see if Google offers words and phrases along with the brand name that indicate customer dissatisfaction. For example: spam; how to return the money; poor quality; marriage; slows down; does not work. You can track such requests, follow links, analyze problems that users write about, fix errors.

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For deep and systematic collection of user requests, it is better to use specialize services, for example, Serpstat . The Keyword Research tool will show you complete information on any key query, including brande ones: frequency, all possible Ghana Mobile Number List variations, and popularity in Google Trends. This way you can see how often the name of the product or brand is mentione in a negative context, and what exactly users are complaining about. On the main page of the service, enter the desire user query and click “Search”. The report will show: keyword frequency (1); all possible options for using the key query are in an additional detaile report (2); popularity in Google Trends (3). responding to a bad review, how to respond to an angry comment.

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By opening the additional report “All keywords”, you will see how users most often search for your product. For example, the query “iphone 8” is often supplemente with the word “heating”. This way you can find common problems that users face. Serpstat report All keywords Allow to leave feedback on the official pages of the company in social networks The first place a dissatisfie customer will go is the official brand page on the social network. Here you can not only answer a simple question: how to respond to a negative review example, response to a dissatisfie customer But also go to a separate section “Reviews” – and write a detaile comment there: how to respond to negative reviews how to handle negative reviews.

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