How To Reach The Hearts

They say that satisfied customers are the best advertising there is. As brands, we always seek to create a long-term relationship, whether it is a product or a service, and thus achieve the goal called “loyal customers” . Falling in love with the client is undoubtedly a central theme. There is a statistic that says that 70% of consumers say they have spent more money buying from a business that provides good service . (American Express).

In fact, for this year that we start, the customer experience will surpass price and product as the main differentiator between competitors: A recent IDC study of 24,000 consumers in 12 countries ensures that after having a positive customer service experience, 25% of users Uruguay Phone Number encouraged to leave a review and 18% renew their products and services with the same company. , even if it is not the cheapest option. We take advantage of this week with shades of

Falling In Love With The Client

February 14 to give you keys on how to make your customers fall in love: Index of contents Satisfied Customers: How I reach the heart 1.Involve them 2. Humanize the brand 3. Show your values 4. Know your customers 5. Don’t forget the shopping experience Next steps: Satisfied Customers: How I reach the heart 1.Involve them Make your customers feel the brand as something of their own. They need to contribute and give their opinion to feel involved in the evolution of your company.

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This is why User Generated Content (UGC) is one of the top trends in digital marketing for this year . These are the videos, photos, re-posts that the clients themselves make of the brand on their Social Networks. That the brand shares this type of content is a great recognition, it is saying to the customer “I see you and I like the way you experience our products” . Instagram shares photos of its own users 2. Humanize the brand Show today’s stories,

Satisfied Customers: How I Reach The Heart

real people from your company that can generate empathy with your customers or those who build the brand. Showing the day to day conveys authenticity. On the other hand, when it comes to customer service specifically, people are looking to talk to someone genuine. According to the aforementioned study, 83% of consumers consider that talking to a person will always be important in customer service . In addition, the more complex the problem to be solved,

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