How Women Are Shaping The Future Of Business

The business landscape is changing. The COVID-19 pandemic aside, attitudes toward “traditional” ways of doing business are changing. Furthermore, there is evidence to suggest that women are playing a significant role in shaping this future of business. We take a look at the history that has created the current landscape and what we can expect to see in the future. Brief history of women in business Many people are not familiar with the fact that the history of female entrepreneurship goes back into the past.

The first well-documented businesswomen date back to 1870 BC in the city of Assur in northern Iraq. Assyrian women at the time often contributed to the vast trade networks that flourished in the region, showing that business was not exclusive to men. There are also many more China Phone Number List examples of women in business. Margaret Hardenbroeck, for example, arrived in what would become New York in 1659 and established herself as a debt collector before becoming a business agent.

Brief History Of Women In Business

She traded between Holland and the colonies, eventually becoming the richest woman in New York. Such stories are not as uncommon as you might think. Throughout the 18th century, businesswomen traded in major cities around the world, and there are many examples of successful businesswomen owning and running their own businesses. Mary Katherine Goddard became America’s first female publisher in 1766, Madam CJ Walker owned a million-dollar hair-care business in the 1890s, and Coco Chanel opened her first boutique in 1913.

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However, in the mid-19th century, there was a shift in the workforce that saw women focus more on housework, while men became the only wage earners. Until recently, these “traditional” gender roles have persisted. In 1973, for example, there was only one female CEO of a Fortune 500 company, Katharine Graham. During this time, only 38% of the workforce in the US were women. By 2019, that number had risen to 46.2%, while 37 Fortune 500 companies had a female CEO.

How Women Are Shaping The Future Of Business

How women are shaping the future of business Although there are certainly challenges that women in business face. There are also many positives to focus on. We can also find many examples. OIf businesswomen and entrepreneurs who are implementing significant changes. Advancing their careers and helping to shape the future of business. Here are just a few of the ways women are helping to transform the business world for generations to come. Innovation As women gain more power and influence in the business world. They bring with them new ideas and innovation.

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