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But if we go off 80,000 views like the Bahamas Phone Number video and a 2% clickthrough rate to the video (like EHPlabs saw on their Instagram account), that’s an estimated 1,600 people Katya would have driven to the video. This can be a more effective strategy than organic Bahamas Phone Number promotion. But as I said at the start of the article—after a social media post goes out. A few days later Bahamas Phone Number it’s forgotten about. Here’s proof from the Facebook video release post EHPlabs did to promote Katya’s video (which got 89 likes, 35 shares, and 24,000 views). As you can see, 80% of the clicks were on the day of the post.

I said at the start of the Bahamas Phone Number

Screenshot showing total clicks to something Bahamas Phone Number Here’s more proof from the Instagram bio link EHPlabs used for Izhar’s video. 70% of the clicks were during the month of the post (most likely on the day of the post): Screenshot showing total clicks to a link All the  organic  social media posts for EHPlabs have similar results, that’s why EHPlabs get Katya to post regular promotions for EHPlabs  on her Instagram profile with a unique discount code (KATYA10) for 10% off. Here are just four examples from regular posts Katya does for EHPlabs every month. Screenshot showing four instagram posts.

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All the organic social media Bahamas Phone Number

If you don’t have the resources to hire  an influencer who promotes for you regularly like. EHPlabs does with Katya as part of their EHPlabs athlete program. Then  this influencer shoutout strategy would not be a sustainable way to drive traffic and sales to your eCommerce store. However  your content series will allow you to post new, fresh content so you’re not forgotten about. And my strategy in step 5 will show  you how you can leverage one piece of influencer content without shoutouts like this.

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