Importance Of Marketing Mix

As they seek to measure the profitability of projects or advertising. square or place The distribution process includes from the stock, points of sale, intermediaries, distributors, among others. Here it is important to consider the number of products in stock. Poor inventory management can lead to significant losses for the company. Evolution of the Marketing Mix 4P’s – 4C’s 4C’s marketing mix Ondho Initially, the 4P’s of the Marketing Mix were the basis of the marketing strategy.

Later, the product was left aside and a greater focus was placed on the client . This meant changing the 4P’s for the 4C’s: customer, cost, convenience and communication. The focus Ghana Phone Number focused on the product changes so that the customer becomes the protagonist in every way. The price changes by cost, because a product no longer only costs money, but also time and effort. Related to the client’s time is the change of location for convenience .

Make Changes To Products

The company must establish an efficient and affordable distribution for the client. Promotion gives way to communication. The ideal is to establish a direct, interactive and relational communication. 4P’s – 7P’s 7p’s marketing mix Feedough For the service sector, the four original variables become 7, due to the fact that new approaches arise when carrying out any strategy. Therefore, The 4P’s are adapted and three more variables are added: personnel, palpability (physical evidence) and processes.

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The staff offering the service is part of the customer’s shopping experience, and this affects the quality of the service. The company must form a good team that is clear about the client’s needs and knows how to satisfy them. Therefore, Processes are the method the company uses to deliver a service. It refers to how the customer is and what differential value the company has. Dealing with the customer throughout the service process will be essential to differentiate within the market.

Now Keep These Elements

The palpability or physical evidence seeks that the company provides “proof” that confirms the quality of the service to the client. Therefore, Different formats: videos, photographs, opinions, recommendations, etc. The tests have to do with the design and creation of strategies focused on the brand image, both physical and non-physical. 7P’s – 9P’s Two more variables are now to the latest version: Participation and Prediction. Participation involves the client.

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