In extraordinary times, let’s talk about office collaboration products

In the extraordinary period of the epidemic, office collaboration products have become an important business management tool. The special environment in the extraordinary period also provides samples for observing the scenarios and related products of office collaboration and remote office collaboration. What is it like? Interested friends can continue to read below.

Remote collaboration experience during the Spring Festival

This Spring Festival, based on the “Support Hubei” volunteer organization set up by members of my Yo! group, we raised and donated nearly 500,000 yuan in donations and materials within a week to connect with more than 110 hospitals.

The participants are located in different locations at Thailand Phone Number home and abroad and even in different time zones. Among them, 25 core volunteers are divided into resource groups, hospital groups, finance groups, and logistics groups, requiring high-frequency communication and collaborative work. Although the event ended successfully, it also exposed some pain points of office collaboration:

 In the weak tool scenario, the requirements for participants are high

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I believe that everyone has experienced the helplessness and difficulty of dealing with work on WeChat. As an IM communication tool, WeChat is not born for office work. This “weak tool” scenario poses a higher challenge to participants.

Our group of people are all senior Internet practitioners, and we are very familiar with each other. However, I believe that most office collaboration teams do not have such a high starting point, and the efficiency and effect of using WeChat as a platform are often unsatisfactory. .

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