Include a Call To Action

Content layout needs white space, also known as negative space, to make it easier to read. Negative space is an area on the page that is empty. It includes the space between the sidebars and content, header, text and paragraphs. Add space around images and graphical elements. Negative space helps your website look neat, legible and less overwhelming. Create strategic categories for your blog posts so that visitors can drill down into a specific topic. Websites with cramped content confuses your visitors. They have to work too hard to find what they want. If it is too much trouble, they most likely will click away faster.

Make Your Navigation Intuitive

Organizing your content properly can help you create a simple and intuitive navigation. It should help guide your visitor towards what you want them to do. But navigation is more than just the menu system. Usually your menu navigation concentrates on the pages of Malaysia WhatsApp Number List visitors find information about your products and services. But there are other types of navigation on your website such as post navigation and category archives. Keep the main navigation simple, easy to find and without too many layers. Make yourthe navigation sticky for desktop users so they don’t need to keep scrolling to the top.

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Make sure category archives are easy to find when reading the blog. Include post navigation at end of each post. A call to action is a crucial element of your website. Visitors to your website rarely know what you want them to do. Provide a specific Malaysia WhatsApp Number List that is clear and focused on what you want them to do. Too many choices and your visitor won’t take any action. Remember that the more options people have, the longer it takes to make a decision Malaysia WhatsApp Number List. Give people a reason to trust your business. Remember your website maybe the first impression you give to a new visitor. Add social proof to help them easily see that you are an expert in your field. Social proof includes:

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