It Is Important To Establish Strategies

Regarding the KPI’s , define them to measure the results generated by your content. Identify those indicators that allow you to measure and control whether the work carried out is meeting expectations. The indicators must be designed to obtain relevant information. For example, knowing if the content plan is working and to what extent it helps to meet your brand objectives. 3) Target audience target audiences ESAN Knowing our target audience well is one of the pillars of the content plan for a blog . If we do not use adequate communication, we can deviate in the message and in the diffusion.

If your market is high-volume and you can target different audiences , one recommendation is to segment them and start with those who make the most purchases, as well as the products that Tunisia Phone Number the highest value. 4) Definition of the strategy It is important to establish strategies based on previously established objectives. You can opt for any of the following types of content, and complement them when possible. Informative content: It focuses on disseminating informative content,

Establish Which Channels Are

Of a relevant nature for the target audience. Content focused on the brand: It is focused on publishing brand content, in order to improve and strengthen the brand image. Viral content: It consists of detecting content on the Internet with a high level of diffusion and creating similar ones to make them viral and thus obtain greater possibilities of attracting traffic to our website . Content to generate traffic: Try to use as many keywords as necessary to increase the levels of traffic to the website, regardless of its quality.

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Content to improve conversion: Efforts are concentrated on finding the keywords that give the highest conversion , despite the fact that the traffic to the site is lower. The tone of communication is also important. Choose the one that best suits your brand personality. Take care that the communication and style of your content is consistent with the brand strategy that you previously defined. 5) Broadcast channels

Set The Date And Periodicity

Establish which channels are valid for disseminating blog content (the most effective): those consumed by your target audience. There are three main means of dissemination: Own media: Refers to the blog itself through guides, infographics, e-books , news, social networks and mail. One controls this channel and it is where the blog content plan will mainly focus. Referring media: They show the content published by other people organically, which translates into a community.

Paid media: It has to do with banners, promoted articles and sponsored posts on social networks. It can be a way to reach a certain segment quickly, even if it does not have. As strong an effect as the previous ones. Do not use the same content for all platforms. Adapt the message to the particularities of each channel , where to spread the content. The images you use in your content  carefully and adapted to each platform, so that they correctly.

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