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It makes you more effective if you put Iceland Phone Number projects together and consider which ones are urgent and important. Projects that you don’t have to start until later are given a later start date. You can ensure synergy between projects. Not everything has to be done Iceland Phone Number at once. And that way you keep room for your creativity. Superhero with an excel in hand Iceland Phone Number and a creative person who shows it Sit next to a friendly Excel superhero every week and discuss the schedule. This helps and motivates. 4. Organize Microsoft Outlook As a creative person, associative and holistic thinking comes naturally.

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Logical thinking and remembering Iceland Phone Number details are less automatic. Information processing simply takes time. For example, realize that remembering  a new name always takes 8 seconds of practice. By actively working with information, it is better to remember things and  to find things again. I use Microsoft Office 365 for this. The tools of Microsoft Outlook Within Microsoft Office 365 you have the Microsoft Outlook program for managing your. Read how you can structure all these information flows. Organize mail The more emails you see, the more stress you get.

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That’s how it works for a lot of people. So  the more you take away, the more restful it gives. Wanting or having to have an empty inbox can be stressful and it doesn’t have to be.  After you have read emails, you can delete them or move them to one of the 9 folders. You don’t have to do  the task  right away. What you do is filter relevant information from the Microsoft mail in order to process it. As follows Organize contacts If you receive e-mails from new colleagues or new clients. Put the contact details immediately in your Outlook Contacts and in your mobile phone.

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