Optimize Your Content Last Year

If the phone call is not answer 02/08/2019 content. Case during the last super bowl. If you ask me which ads of products or brands that. I particularly like, then I’m most remind of verizon’s the team. That wouldn’t be here ad series. The reason why I like this ad set so much because even if it is an ad for mobile phone networks that today. It often raises spe features. New technology that makes it look futuristic but this ad chooses to go back to the era of telephones when we us to talk to each other by voice. And pulls back to the brand identity that verizon is “What do you live for?” in this series of commercials, this series consists of various stories.

To Get Messed Up Last Year

Concerning athletes and people involv in american football (which fits right into the super bowl season) who has had a bad experience in the past. Be it accidents, disasters, or near-fatal situations. But was help until he surviv and that’s due to the use of the phone at that crucial moment. Of course, in this series there is a large video content that combines a big story and then expands it into individual stories, which are includ on the website. Allourthanks which is call making content that extends in depth for people who want to follow more details and also opens up a space for sharing stories from people who come to watch as well what this ad does well is that it picks up the core thing verizon.


Pump The Content This Year

Is currently trying to lift, which is reliable network. And in thailand, where some camps will show that they are the fastest another said it was the widest. Others say number one, etc.) saying “reliable” may sound tangible or may not be as BT Leads important. But when we see important events it will allow us to think and make connections. And this commercial is a storytelling that picks up the identity of the verizon brand and conveys it quite impressively. Anecdote: this commercial movie can be said to have invest quite a bit of money to create.

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