Learn the Difference Between Mobile First Indexing and Mobile-friendly Seo Paraguay Phone Number

I was thrilled to be able to take the stage with Greg Sterling,  The SMX team shared some of the questions posed during the session, and I’ll do. my best to channel the collective wisdom of my co-presenters by addressing a few of the questions that I found particularly interesting.

For a full recap of the session, you can read Greg Sterling’s column here.

 We all understand that Google My Business is important in local search

This is an excellent question. I don’t know  of any definitive metrics that can tell you exactly how much local traffic. Each of these sites and apps receives, based on. Which you can determine how much time and energy to spend on each.

We know, of course, that when it comes to Paraguay Phone Number organic search in general, Google has a dominant market share, followed distantly by Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and others. In February 2019, Google’s search dominance in the US was 88.6% according to StatCounter.

although in my opinion Google should be considered a little less dominant in local search than in general search, considering due to various factors. Mobile phone usage patterns are significant here. Since Apple Maps is the local app in place on millions of iPhones, Apple is in a position to capture a much larger share of the local search market than a competing search engine could hope for in an office environment. Similarly, phone users are accustomed to using Waze, Yelp and other apps directly rather than accessing these services through a browser,


How seriously does Google take edit suggestions

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This is a controversial topic, with many commenters believing that Google isn’t doing enough to combat spam and fake reviews. Mike Blumenthal even went so far as to suggest that. Google look the other way in the case of fake reviews due to perquisites such as selling ads to those. Who want to promote their fraudulent review “creation” services.

As for the spam list in general, Joy Hawkins and several others are very active. In reporting spam on Twitter using the hashtag #stopcraponthemap. Blumenthal, Hawkins and many others have been actively contributing.





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